One of our range of international desserts. Delicious hot French Crepes. Like our traditional pancakes but much thinner. These are drizzled with Nuttella, topped with fruit, sauces and sprinkles. A fabulous treat for any type of event.

Hot fresh French crepe carts for hire
Dutch poffertjes pancakes cart for hire

Another fabulous international treat, Poffertjes. From the land of the windmills and clogs. Mini Dutch pancakes with a knob of butter. Dusted in sugar and  topped with cream and sauces.

Catering Carts For Hire

Spanish churros doughnuts for hire

Ola, our Spanish offering is Churros. Finger type doughnuts. Dusted with sugar and drizzled in chocolate. Perfect for a late evening treat.

Traditional mini ring doughuts for hire

Doughnuts, or donuts as they are sometimes referred to. So beloved of American cops.  Or so Hollywood would have us believe. Another super dessert. With sauces ,sprinkles and everyones favourite Nutella.

Fun Catering And Entertainment For Your Events.

Don't settle for the same old boring snacks, stuck on a pasting table. Or a photo booth in a box. The Instagram generation need things to look as good as they taste.

Hire our superb range of fully manned carts in a variety of different styles to suit your event. A complete range of snack foods, desserts and drinks are available.  Coupled with photography services and other entertainment. We provide you with a complete package to suit any budget or style of event from team building to exhibitions.

Candy Floss Crazy® are the No1 fun mobile catering company. With a fabulous range of catering services, photo booths and entertainment. For weddings, parties, private and corporate events throughout the full U.K. and Europe. View our range of catering carts below and make yours the event they all want to be at.

All of our attractions are covered by £10 million public liability insurance. We hold level 3 health certificates, and provide the most comprehensive safety documentation in the industry.

The old favourites such as candy floss machine and popcorn hire are as popular as ever. We also offer hot snacks with an international flavour such as French Crepes, Spanish Churros or Dutch Poffertjes. We can create a catering package to suit your precise requirements for any size of event.

We can provide a first class service with;

For corporate clients and exhibition use, we can design and build a complete custom entertainment package. We aim to meet your precise requirements. Managing the complete event to take the stress away from you. From a stick of candy floss to a complete funfair, with event photographers to record all the fun. We also offer themed entertainment for Christmas themed events and winter wonderlands.

Candy Floss, everyone's favourite treat

Also know as, cotton candy floss, papas beard, ghosts whiskers. Many different names for the same sweet fluffy spun sugar confectionery. Floss carts are definitely one of our most popular items. With a selection of flavours, from pink vanilla to bubblegum.

Candy Floss Crazy, Fairview House, Doncaster Road WF9 1EB      Tel: 07973429663     Email:

Popcorn carts for hire throughout the U.K.

A perfect complement to our cotton candy cart. The aroma of freshly popping corn fills any sized room. We supply salted, sweet or a range of gourmet flavours.

Soft scoop ice cream carts for hire

Another all time favourite. Delicious soft scoop ice cream. We use a small boutique supplier. With a range of quality flavours, topped with sauces, sprinkles. Also of course the all important flake.

Belgian waffle cart hire throughout the U.K.

A similar flavour to crepes, but much thicker. Our Belgian waffles come with a full range of sauces and toppings. They can be supplied with ice cream as an extra treat.

Espresso coffee carts for hire, full range of coffees' teas and hot chocolates.

Espresso coffee carts are our teams favourite. Freshly ground coffee has an enticing aroma that is sure to attract all of your guests. Our carts dispense a full range of coffees, along with specialty teas and hot chocolate.

Continental soft dough pretzel carts for hire.

A continental favourite, soft dough pretzels. Available in a range of flavours. These can include coconut, cinnamon and chocolate. These complement an espresso coffee cart perfectly.

Photo Booth Hire

mini cooper photo booth for hire

Jasper is a booth built into an iconic British car. The Mini Cooper was star of the Italian Job movie.

Camper Photobooth for hire

No not motorhome hire, Betsy is our mini camper van booth. A tribute to those carefree Californian beach bums. This is a sun loving, fun loving booth.

Del Boy photo booth

Uncle Albert is our Del Boy Trotter booth. Built into a Reliant Regal Supervan Mk III.  Contrary to popular belief Del never drove a Robin.

Wild West Photo Booth Hire

The Duke named in honour of the legend John Wayne. This is our Wells and Fargo stagecoach photo booth. Yeehaa.

Telephone Photo Booth For Hire

Busby. If you remember that name then your in your 40’s. Our photo booth built into a red telephone box is stunning. With the prints dispensed from the matching pillar box.

White Taxi Photo Booth Hire

Charlie is our classy Old English White taxi cab booth. Perfect for weddings, but just as good for parties or corporate clients.

Black Taxi Photo Booth hire

Penny Our very first London Taxi Cab booth. A grand old lady that can still cut a dash at any event.

Tuk Tuk Photo Booth For Hire

We are still searching for a name, but the Tuk Tuk photo booth adds a touch of oriental spice.

HorrorTaxi Photo Booth For Hire

Penny Dreadful. Our ultimate Halloween booth. Scary sound effects, music and gory props add up to a treat for the horror aficionados.

Giant Bauble Snow Globe for hire

We have a range of Christmas snow globes and giant baubles. Perfect for those festive parties and Christmas events.

Other Entertainment

Victorian Carousel For Hire

You can have a full range of adult funfair rides for your event. These start with the traditional favourites such as the carousel and ferris wheel. We also offer the latest white knuckle thrill rides.

Children's Rides For Hire

For the younger ones we have a complete range of rides such as teacups, trains, toytown and more. We offer everything you need for any sized event.

Funfair Games For Hire

When you want some entertainment that needs a touch of skill. We have a comprehensive collection of funfair games. From a traditional shooting gallery,  to a modern basketball games. We can supply a complete funfair to any event.

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We provide our services for private clients including weddings, parties, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, Military balls, college balls, university balls, corporate events, corporate , company fundays and exhibitions throughout the U.K. and Europe, including Scotland, London, North Yorkshire, Lancashire, The North East and The Midlands.
Dodgems Hire Small

The dodgems, or bumper cars, as they are known in some parts of the country, are easily the most popular funfair ride available for events.

Like most things in life, there is a vast range of rides available for hire. You have a number of choices to make when specifying dodgems. More.......

Tips For Hiring Dodgems

Tips On Hiring A Funfair

Funfair rides come in all shapes and sizes. From the gentle rotation of a Victorian era ferris wheel, to the latest white knuckle rides. Some of which would test the fortitude of a NASA astronaut.

But if you are planning an event such as a family fun day, what would be the best selection of rides. More...........

Funfair Games For Hire

You can choose from a wide range of funfair games suitable for various ages. Some are games of skill and some are games of chance. A perfect set up is a mixture of different types, and skill games that are a mixture of easy and hard.

We can offer guidance as to what we know from experience works best, and it isn't hook a duck. More.........

Tips On Hiring Funfair Games

Tips On Hiring Funfair Rides

Injured Kermit

When you visit a funfair, whether it is a private corporate event, or a traditional public event, you expect to be entertained. To have fun, a good time, perhaps make yourself sick eating candy floss. Most of all you expect to be safe.

With some of todays high speed thrill rides approaching g force levels that would thrill a NASA pilot, how safe are they? More...........

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