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Fun Catering Carts For Weddings Events And Parties

"Our Mission Is Saving You From Boring Food, Photobooths In Boxes And Scruffy Fairground Rides"

Take the stress out of booking for your event by using our free planning service to recommend a tailored package just for you.

In Today's Instagram Generation, The Food Has To Look Good, As Well As Taste Good. Everything You Do Will Be All Over The Web

Fun Foods For Hire
Unique photo booth hire
Fabulous funfair rides for hire
Not your usual boring burger service. Food with attitude and just a touch of crazy.

Throw in the choice of a range of unique and quirky carts to make it an event to remember.

Food should  taste great, look good and most of all be fun.

Let us save you from boring food.  More Fun Catering....
Remember the old photo booths you use for your passport pictures in the post office?

Is that really what you want at your wedding or corporate event?

We can let you have one of course, but why not choose something unique and much more fun.

You can have the event they all talk about. More Unique Booths...
Everyone remembers going to the fair as a kid. The bright lights, music, smell of the hot dogs. The guy on the waltzer spinning your car.

Well how about a private funfair just for you. Weddings, parties, corporate events, a funfair can make any of these an event to remember. Thrill rides for the teen crew, something more sedate like a Ferris wheel for the more mature guests, and everything in between.

Do you want to add the wow factor to your events. More Stunning Funfair Attractions...
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