The Birth Of A Prince

A New Prince Is Born

When Princess Charlotte was born back in 2015, we were contracted to roll up outside the hospital and dispense teas and coffee to the paparazzi. Once the birth was announced we switch to prosecco. The day went down well, especially with said paps.

Once more Unto The Breach

We were contacted for a repeat performance at the new birth. As a result we had been on standby for the past couple of weeks waiting on Kate.

The call came through early morning and resulted in a slapstick worthy of Dad’s Army. The famous Corporal Jones cries of dont panic as we rushed around like headless chickens to set off for London. Half a mile down the road saw one of the female staff members in an almighty panic because she had forgotten to pick up her bag.  She absolutely, positively couldnt spend a day in London without it. So after a U turn and a rapid return to base we finally got under way.

The trip down was brilliant with no traffic. We were set up and dispensing water to the waiting press as the minutes to the birthing announcement counted down.  Then eventually it was released, a new prince was born.

The day went pretty much the same as last time with plenty of presecco, teas and coffees passed out, some good media coverage for Ladbrokes (the client) and us getting back to our Yorkshire base about 12 hours after we set off.



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