Spooky halloween photo booth

Hire A Spooky Halloween Taxi Booth

Hiring A Themed Halloween Taxi Booth

Its that time of year when our spooky halloween themed photobooths and catering units come out to play. Although we only use them for about a 2 week period, these are definitely some of our favourite offerings.

Spooky halloween taxi booth hire
Our Spooky Halloween cab photo booth

In addition to our spooky taxi, we can also dress up any of our catering units with a spooky feel, you can have toxic green candy floss, or blood red popcorn. The carts come draped in spider webs, with ghost, and ghoulies to fit in with your theme.

Halloween decorated candy floss cart
Our Spooky Halloween candy floss cart

Our taxi comes with spooky sound effects, horror themed prints, and props galore, the booth butler even dresses up to suit the part, great for parties and events this time of year.

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