Kulfi Ice Cream Cart Hire

We offer a wide range of different catering options, including many desserts. For some reason different offerings seem to be especially popular some years. 2015 was fairly quiet for our Kulfi Cart offering, yet 2014 was especially busy, and 2016 is already busier than 2015 was.

Kulfi, for those who have never encountered it, is a version of ice cream that originated in the Indian sub continent. Unlike Western ice cream, kulfi is not whipped to introduce air into the mixture, so it tends to be a much more solid and dense mixture, which takes much longer to melt.

Reputedly it was invented in the 1500’s in the Mughal Empire, dense evaporated milk was already a popular dessert, when it was mixed with additional flavours, packed into metal cones and immersed into slurry ice resulting in Kulfi.

Traditionally in India kulfi is sold by vendors called Kulfiwallers who serve it on a leaf or frozen on a stick.