Classic Morris Mini Parts

The Biscuit Factory, Edinburgh

Travelling the length and breadth of the country we come across some really quirky venues, I well remember the looks I received in London when I asked people on the street for directions to the “House Of Correction”, turned out to be the former underground cells for Clarkenwell prison, but sounded very much like I was looking for a brothel!

We have just supplied frozen cocktails and hot dogs to a party at the Biscuit Factory in Edinburgh, this was, as the name suggests, a former biscuit factory for the firm of Crawfords, now part of the United Biscuits Group

, it has been purchased and turned into an arts house type events venue, on the ground floor there is even a set of stills, I thought at first the arty types were perhaps producing moonshine, but turns out to be a proper pukka operation called Edinburgh Gin

Anyway, the venue was an interesting one, though rather chilly, due in part to there being no heating, and a number of missing window panes. We were operating a couple of Victorian style carts, which fit in with the event perfectly. On the 3rd floor where we were operating, the centerpiece attraction was parts of a 1960’s Morris Mini Deluxe car hanging from the ceiling, well the seats were sat on the floor, but the bonnet, boot and 2 doors were hanging from the ceiling, I could have done with the drivers seat to replace the one that was stolen from our classic mini cooper, but there weren’t really any chances to smuggle it out.

Biscuit Factory Edinburgh
A shot of the main event space at the Biscuit Factory
2 Victorian catering carts
Two of our Victorian style catering carts at the biscuit factory in Edinburgh
Classic Morris Mini Parts
Sections of a Classic Morris Mini

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