Catering Services With A Difference

Fun and Quirky Catering Vans

We have offered a range of different catering carts for quite a while now, including Victorian style, modern contemporary, Winter Alpine mini huts, event wild west style chuck wagon. However we have now decided to update and broaden the range we offer, we have commissioned a number of new themed carts which will be launched over the coming weeks, we are also adapting a number of our vehicles for catering use.

Imagine you could have your coffee served from an authentic Indian tuk tuk, or what about pretzels served from the back of Del Boy Trotters three wheeled van? Our aim is to offer the most complete choice of catering carts in the industry.

Indian Tuk Tuk coffee cart
Our Indian Tuk Tuk, currently being adapted to serve as a coffee cart
Del Boy trotters 3 wheeled catering van.
Del Boy Trotter catering van

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