The Customer Is Always Right

We are currently up in Northumberland dispensing soup on behalf of Go Smarter, a government funded initiative  which encourages people to find sustainable ways to travel, that are greener, cheaper and healthier.

The first day on the job saw us braving high winds and even snow on various industrial estates around Cramlington.

The last time I personally was on one of our soup carts was down in one of the London boroughs for a local housing association. At the time we were dispensing various flavours of soup that had been specified by the client, anyway part way through the day an elderly Asian woman walked up, pointed to one of the soup warmers and asked for that soup, I told her she didn’t want that one, to which she replied, “You listen to me stupid boy, I tell you which soup I want, you don’t tell me, and I want that one!”

Working on the well known business dictum of the customer is always right, I obliged her with a big cup of soup. Perhaps 5 minutes later she came back with the soup 3 quarters gone and asked me what the bits in the bottom of the cup were, “Ham”, I replied sweetly. Her face flashed to an ashen colour, then went crimson and she started to scream at me for giving her soup with ham in it (I presume she was of the Islamic faith), after she had wore her voice out, I pointed out that I did try to tell her she didn’t want that particular flavour, but she had insisted!

Image of soup cart and Nissan electric car
The Go Smarter soup cart and electric car