Eat And Drink As You Will, For Tomorrow The Advice Will Change

Consider What You Eat And Drink

Experts are continually assaulting us with dietary advice concerning what you eat and drink. From the Government, the NHS, various medical ‘experts’, Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

I am remembering when  our family coffee was switched to caffeine free on medical advice. 10 years later a new study announced that caffeine free coffee was linked to an increased risk of some form of cancer. Cue panic as we had by then been drinking it for near 10 years.

Alcohol is, the devils own brew, and we would be better off drinking battery acid than imbibing the demon drink. Cue a new study a few years later discovering  moderate drinking could in fact be more beneficial than total abstinence.

The latest advice they are throwing  into disarray concerns dairy products. The long held advice that dairy products and saturated fat were a near certain death sentence. Some study has just concluded that people cutting out saturated fats have instead been eating more carbohydrates. Consequently suffering from increased incidence of obesity, which they deem even more harmful than the saturated fat intake would have been.

No doubt in twenty years or so, a new scientific study will conclude that a full English breakfast, followed by a dinner of McDonald’s, and a good Chinese takeaway will be the finest diet the human body could find, and that anyone eating fruit and vegetables will have done untold damage to themselves.

The moral of the story, eat and drink whatever you like in moderation. No doubt the experts are working on changing their advice as we spaek.